created by Sam King
AUGUST 7 - 22, (excl. 9, 16), 2015
1.05PM (50 MINS), theSPACE on the MILE (V39), THEATRE 1, £7/£5 (CONC.)

Minotaur Theatre Company heads to the Edinburgh Fringe for the fourth year running with another hilarious comedy. Created by Sam King, and devised by the cast and crew, Animal House will be another Minotaur production not to miss.


Steven is leaving his little sister Steph, to go to University and refuses to give her any of his time. When she writes about him in her book and labels him a big meanie, Steven is pulled into her imaginary world. Chaos ensues when Steph jumps in after him but gets entangled in a sinister plot that could trap them there forever. But is there something even more mean lurking in the darkness?


Trailer Filmed and Edited by Charlotte Rhodes



Sam King

Billy Gyngell

Producer: Charlotte Rhodes

Stage Manager: Camille Koosyial

Poster Artwork: Alice Haskell




"I think I actually laughed more during this show than at some Fringe stand-up immensely enjoyable show with something to say about important questions facing younger children​."

- Poppy McClean, Edfringe Review



"...a surprising and sophisticated portrayal of the power of intimately interactive performance that is entertaining from beginning to end."

- Holly Harper, Edfringe Review


"We were a family party of nine, ranging in age from 4 to 49, everyone was kept totally engaged, the humour was carefully thought out and aimed at the children with subtle adult nuances. With several laugh out loud moments and audience participation at the end. Excellently produced and acted to a very high standard. I would give the MInotaur Theatre Company five out of five for Animal House."

Heather Sanderson, Audience Member

"A pacy and entertaining show for all ages! As a group of adults we were unsure what to expect from what was billed as a children's show but it was fun and engaging with excellent performances all round. Captivating the imagination with plenty of laughs along the way we were truly entertained. The children in the audience were enthralled and the interactive ending was a "ball". Highly recommended."

Richard Farish, Audience Member