by Laura Wade
OCTOBER 8 - 10, 2015

"I keep wondering if - like maybe if I hadn't found her, maybe she wouldn't have been dead."


Written by Laura Wade (Winner of the Critic's Circle Theatre Award for Most Promising Playwright 2005, Pearson Playwrights Best Play 2005, George Devine Award 2006, Oliver nomination for Outstanding Achievement in an Affiliate Theatre).


 Amy's found another body in a hotel bedroom. There's a funny smell coming from one of Jim's storage units. And Kate's losing it after spending all day with the police. Minotaur Theatre Company returns with a play about death, despair, domestic violence and the desperate search for happiness.


Trailer filmed and edited by Camille Koosyial


Amy - Myah Morris-Drake
Charlie - Edward Jones
Kate - Charlotte Robinson
Ben - James Thorpe
Jim - Ali Bourne
Elaine - Sophy Plumb
Ray - Matt Preece



        Charlotte Rhodes

Linus Wyeth

Stage Manager: Megan Holmes

Assistant Stage Manager: Ella Daymond

Production Manager: Zoe Greatbatch

Lighting Design: Sam Webber

Sound Design: Jenni Pettican

Sound Operator: Katie Wood


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