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  • Profiles - New Profiles for First Years, Update Second and Third

  • Move Third Years to Graduates

  • Posters

  • Galleries (inc. facebook link)

    • Steam

    • Cognitions / Devised

  • Trailers

    • STEAM/Shorts

  • Productions

    • Create show page for Cognitions (add to Upcoming Productions)

  • Blogs

    • Cognitions Preview?

  • Theme

    • STEAM

  • Credits

    • STEAM

  • DramaSoc

    • Fix links to members profiles - link to anchor of show not general page


  • RADIO DRAMA - update weekly.


  • Newsletter sign-up

  • Add Minotaur to Google Maps via business (Has been done but might need updating in a few years time if Sky House happens)

  • Add a members login for a Resources Page

  • Resources page - links to proposal forms etc. (minotaur manifesto)

  • Intro page for potential students to learn about how company works in conjuction with UEA course




Create New Committee Page

Make sure all credits are updated - Add new credits for Mind Maggots, Threadbare and Drama Soc shows

Move Third Years into Graduate Page - this can be done when new headshots are added start of next year




17th of May 2021

  • Created Shorts 2020 show page - finished

  • Fixed the -FIRST YEARS- folder name appearing when hovering over "More" section

  • Deleted all production pages from 2011 to 2017 (are on save and to be put on Archive website)

16th of May 2021

  • Updates Productions page with 18-19 and 19-20 posters and relevant artist name

  • Corrected linking button to anchors on Productions page

  • Deleted Gerald (old individual page template)

  • Beginning big site cleanup ( deleting old show pages/info to be transferred from Save Site to Archive Project Site)

15th of May 2021

  • Erased Vagina Monologues and Femfest 2015-2018 individual pages - linked the Outreach icons to archive site pages

12th May 2021

  • Corrected spelling error on page names

  • Finalized page linking from Company to Individual for 1st years

  • Added 2 individual pages for second years

  • Front Page updated to advertise Cabaret 2021

31st March 2021

  • Deleted all 2020 graduates individual pages

  • Updated all 3rd years individual pages

  • Updating 2nd years individual pages

  • Creating first-year individual pages (gotta find a faster way to do it than just copy past a template...)


22nd March 2021

  • Updated front/homepage with committee re-structuring plan at the attention of all members of Minotaur Theatre Company


4th March 2021

  • Updated Home page with FemFest 2021 info

  • Created FemFest 2021 page

  • Edited minor elements in FemFest 2020 page

23rd January 2021

  • Added Decolonise Statement page

  • Added 2020 Graduates list to Gaduates page

18-19th January 2021

  • (All deleted elements have been previously backed up and transferred on the main website save site and the Minotaur Archive Website)

  • Deleted in Media Past Shorts videos (2009-2015) pages

  • Deleted Cabs 2010-2017 pages and rerouted grid links on Outreach page to corresponding pages on Archive website

  • Deleted Radio play 'Ghost' (2014-2015) from Radio play page per creator's demand

12th December 2020

  • Uploaded 2020 Company headshots

  • Updated all Company headshots (1st, second and 3rd years)

  • Started using the Change-log again (its been literal years)

November 2020

  • Put decolonise statement on front page

  • Put second night of Shorts 2020 on front page

October 2020

  • Cleaned up and re-adjusted Past Committees page

  • Updated 2nd years personal pages

  • Started updating 1st years personal pages

September 2020

  • Updated comittee page

  • Removed 2020 Alumni


29th September (20??)


  • Updated to Vernon God Little

  • Added Video to Steam

  • Corrected Links on Home Page



18th August (20??)


  • Updated to Steam

  • Created Steam Page

  • Added Credits



19 May (20??)

  • Linked Cognitions to Steam

  • Added Gabriel to Previous Productions

  • Changed theme to Cognitions

  • Added Cognitions to Productions page


18 May (20??)


10 May (20??)

  • Removed 'The Hitchiker' from home page and Radio page, replaced with 'In a Minute, Mum'

  • Created 2016-17 Committee page

  • Added Committee blurb to Committee profiles and linked back to 2015-16 Committee


4 May (20??)

  • Linked Steam to home page

  • Linked Steam credits to profiles

  • Unhid Steam from main menu

  • Created Shorts 2015 video page

  • Uploaded all YouTube videos to Shorts 2015 Videos

  • Linked Shorts 2015 Videos to Shorts 2013 Videos

  • Linked Shorts 2015 to individual nights on Shorts 2015 page

  • Linked Shorts 2015 Videos to Media page


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