November 2014

30 November

  • Started changing the Cast and Crew lists to be the new all-in-one textbox layout
  • Changed the template to show this change
  • Standardised the use of the 24hr clock v. 12hr
  • Fixed typos on many pages


29 November

  • Changed the layout of the Radio Plays page to the opposite side to allow space for Cast Lists
  • Cast list added to the five most recent radio plays and back-linked into profiles
  • Added Radio Play: A Minute and a Half, inc. profile Links. This needed to be an editted embed code to look standard to Soundcloud


28 November


27 November

  • Removed white box around the NSDF logo on the About Us page
  • Made all Leeway Logos transparent


26 November

  • Readjusted the Charity page
  • Corrected spacing on the Productions Page
  • Changed 'All Posters designed by' to 'Poster Designs by'
  • Added 'See more at:' to link in Eliot's mushonastick page


24 November

  • Adjusted all shows to keep a standard distance between the title and the date bar
  • Adjusted all Edinburgh shows to a standard distance
  • Made Oedipus The Hour title transparent - and inc. a white box to see it
  • Changed the background of Psychosocial to be page specific
  • Changed the background of The Librarians to be page specific, inc. a white header (workaround)
  • Added day anchors to Shorts 2013 and 2012
  • Added cast and crew lists to Shorts 2013 to match 2012
  • Reformatted the text on Shorts 2012 to Body M to make it correctly change when the master is altered
  • Readjusted all Shorts Film: Day buttons to fit the text on better
  • Added Days and Show names to the Gallery on Shorts 2014
  • Ensured the layout of the mobile view stayed consistent for all Shorts pages


22 November

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