December 2014

31 December


30 December

  • Consistant 12 hour clock in Upcoming Productions

  • Added Animal House to the menu list of Edinburgh shows

  • Added information about the two charities donated to after Cabaret 2013 and Cabaret 2014

  • Added the final Charity box to Cabaret 2012

  • Rearranged the Vagina Monologues 2014 page to be better laid out

  • Rearranged the Trails and Ingerland page to be better laid out

  • Rearranged the Cast and Crew lists on Darkle

  • NEW FORMATTING: When there is more than one person attributed to a role (two directors), they are put beneath on different lines, indented by one

  • Added all credits for trailers, inc. crediting UEA:TV for an extra two shows, which have been added to the Media page

  • Linked in all videos by Martha Geelan to the Vagina Monologues page

  • Corrected a link from the Bent page


29 December

  • Adjusted the view of the Links page on mobile view

  • Corrected three names on the Vagina Monologues 2014 page

  • Consistant use of Cast when linking profiles to the Vagina Monologues

  • Created a new Template for how to explain charities and money raised for Charity Shows

  • Added a link to the Elimu Foundation Facebook page

  • Added correct Charity Images for ACODO and The Elimu Foundation

  • Added the amounts raised for each event to the main Charity page

  • Ticket link added for Psychosocial Gathering on the page and the homepage (in upcoming productions section)


28 December

  • Consistent use of Abigail vs Abi

  • Removed the years in the menu bar for Edinburgh shows to avoid confusion with revivals

  • Reordered Edinburgh shows to have the newest at the top


27 December

  • Made sure all Minotaur Credits lined up after the change of text size for the Scriptwriting BA

  • Added better links between profiles for the Committee Members 2012-13

  • Links between Committee 2013-14 and headshots updated on Committee page

  • Links between Committee 2014-15

  • Removed the buttons at the bottom of committee pages in favour of a menu bar to past, current and whole year group

  • Added specific date to the Committee button of the current alumni page

  • Added buttons to the Committee of each year group to the Company page

  • Correcting Steph's name on the Cabaret 2013 page

  • Consistant use of Stephanie vs Steph

  • Removing the frame from the images on the Committee pages to standardise it with all others

  • Temp. replaced the Psychosocial Poster for the Garage version

  • Replaced all 3rd years on the Company page and profile pages with new headshots (to be replaced by Charlotte's when they're sent)

  • Consistant use of Isobel vs Izzy Jones

  • Corrected the spelling of Aked-Priestley sitewide


26 December

  • Tried to create a a background that would work better on tablets, but WIX doesn't currently have the coding to make it possible

  • Added Radio Play: Christmas Wish, inc. profile links

  • Added name and writer of the most recent radio play to the homepage

  • All Shorts 2014 posters have been updated to use the one that was sent to print

  • Added an image gallery showing every individual shorts poster onto the profile page of the artist who designed them
    Samuel MastersJames Thorpe


24 December

  • Changed the size of the footer of mobile view in order to see all the text

  • Replaced the Love and Money review on the home page with the Psychosocial Review from EdFringe to help publicise it as the next show - and reduced its length

  • Made sure the blue box banners were the same size on the home page on mobile view

  • Added a blurb to The Beauty Queen of Leenane

  • Changed some start times to use the standard 12 hour clock system

  • Added The Julians to the menu list on the About Us page, as well as moving it onto two lines

  • Used the new poster gallery template for the Julians' posters


23 December

  • Added a headshot of Bonnie Cowan to her profile page

  • Ensured all credits on profile pages are spaced by 1.5

  • Uploaded a new Coming Soon poster holder


22 December

  • Reduced the size of the header

  • Applied a cleaner font to the menu bar

  • Added various credits for some members

  • Centred all names under headshots on all Company Members

  • Changed the posters on the EdinburghCharity and New Writing pages to galleries to match all other posters

  • Added placeholders for the posters for upcoming shows on all poster galleries

  • Showing more of the production posters on mobile view


21 December

  • Made small adjustments to the layout on all production pages

  • Levelled all of the Shorts 2011 and 2012 lists so that the writers and title all fit on one line (where possible)

  • Removed the frame on the Parasol project image on Cabaret 2012 to bring it in line with all other images

  • Changed the Oedipus The Hour title to black

  • Reformatted the money raised on Charity events

  • Added information into the body of the new writing competition winners to help Google find them

  • Added more information to the footer on The Librarians page

  • Renamed the Shorts Films to Shorts Videos

  • Added a new title format to the Shorts Videos 2012 and 2013

  • Linked writers to their profiles from the Shorts Videos and vice-versa

  • Linked in creators of Edinburgh shows to their profiles

  • Corrected the dates of the Shorts 2012

  • Removed extra lines in two blog posts


20 December

  • Made old Librarians' images transparent (Spine and Hardbach, Librarians Newsletters Weeks 1 and 3)

  • Added Sarah Carton's course

  • Added headings on the About Us page to help navigate to its subpages

  • Buttons updated to match the colour of The Home Front Line

  • Standardised use of image vs. image button for The Tab and Concrete across all production pages

  • Adjusted some images on The Psychosocial Gathering and Darkle pages


19 December

  • Increased the size of the Upcoming Production posters on the home page, as well as standardising the space of each item

  • Made every blurb on the Shorts 2014 page use Body M formatting

  • Added text spacing to Ed Jones' profile

  • Linked in the 2013-2014 committee farewell blog to their committee page

  • Added profile links to the same blog post

  • Moved all Radio Plays to the left to match 2014-2015

  • Added more profile links to the Radio Plays 2013-14


18 December

  • Updated the button on Librarians BTS to match the main Librarians' page

  • Centring the titles on the home page on mobile view

  • Nearly all pages were edited slightly on mobile view to make them look neater

  • Uploaded a photo for Ellie Woodruff-Bryant

  • Spoke to the Garage about tickets becoming available for Psychosocial Gathering - there was some confusion their end and they'll be chasing to get them on sale, or we'll have to wait to Adam is back on January 5th

  • Updated the Start of Another Year blog with a higher quality image

  • Combined the money raised amount at Charity events with the blue date box and deleted the green and red text that was a legacy from the original Psycho Theme

  • Tidied up the Cabaret pages


17 December

  • Adjusted all posters on the mobile view to be the same size

  • Tried creating a dedicated list for all forwards and back poster and arrow links, but it didn't work

  • Created a new, cleaner layout for forwards and back posters and applied to all production pages

  • Adjusted all forwards and backwards posters and arrows on mobile view to make them standard

  • Moved message saying about cast and crew lists being found in lists under the poster on mobile view

  • Changed the font size of many dates within the blue boxes on mobile view to make the page more compressed

  • Neatened up the future updates layout on the changelog

  • Changed Marko back to Mark

  • Removed Sarah Condor as a drop out

  • Various mobile view adjustments

  • Changed the Minotaur Logo on the 2014 Julians blog to black to be able to see it better

  • Changed the Garage title and alt text on The Snow Queen page

  • Edited the colours of the buttons and date box on The Librarians page


16 December

  • Added cast and crew lists to the Shorts 2011 page, to bring the final Shorts Festival into line with the rest

  • Changed Contact us to Contact in several instances

  • Changed some footer elements on any Librarians themed page

  • Adjusted the layout of all Shorts mobile pages

  • Moved the positions of the fowards and back buttons on the Edinburgh Sponsors pages

  • Because of the Anchor Bug, WIX has given us an extra 3 free months a premium account

  • Sent a message to Dramasoc via their website to ask for full cast lists and recent production pages to be uploaded


15 December

  • Repositioned all forward/back links under production posters

  • Added Current Members button on the Alumni page

  • Lightened the contact form background colour and changed the send button colour on the Contact Page

  • Centred all titles on the home page to bring it in line with all other titles across the site

  • Edited Psycho text and the Minotaur News heading on the home page


14 December

  • Repositioned all posters so they're in the same place on all production pages

  • Added a Facebook comments box as a way to comment on any recent or future changes to the site

  • Anchors fixed on the Shorts 2011 page for desktop and mobile

  • Added many alt texts into images highlighed in a wix site SEO report

  • Based on recent search terms, added Spring Awakening to Martha Geelan's credits, linking to ueadramasoc

  • Created an automatic account that will add Minotaur Theatre Company to google maps (once verification arrives at the studio)


13 December

  • Standardised layout of mixcloud players on the Radio Plays page on a mobile

  • Started adding cast list to list view on Shorts 2011

  • Removed Alex Preston, who dropped out of first year

  • Changed the style of the names in all member galleries so they fit better into the space (see the whole name)

  • Linked account to Google Webmaster


12 December

  • Added all cast lists to the blurb lists on the Shorts 2012 page, inc. profile links

  • Changed the info for the Head That Bears production team

  • Added links to the changelog to make it easier to navigate to changes

  • Added day links on the Shorts 2011 page


11 December

  • Added Cabaret 2015 cast list, inc. profile links

  • Added a new Page Links page to explain what 301 redirects currently exist (the simple URLs)

  • Bugs have been integrated into the changelog


10 December

  • Changed all of the blurbs into lists on the Shorts 2012 page in prep. for adding cast and crew lists to lists

  • Adjusted the changelog to the right in the footer

  • Fixed several typos on the Shorts 2012 page 


9 December

  • Ermine recast changed on The Head that Bears production page and associated profile pages

  • Standardising use of the date on the Shorts' Gallerys

  • Changed a medium heading to small on the Shorts 2011 page


8 December

  • Added Radio Play: After Mum, inc. profile links

  • Added a link to Radio Plays from the Recent Radio Play title on the homepage

  • Replaced the More from Radio Drama with a Social Media title

  • Fixed the strange behaviour of mixcloud radio plays which prevented easy scrolling on mobile devices 


7 December

  • The Psychosocial theme has been reinstated as it's the next show to be performed by Minotaur

  • Several text boxes reformatted on the Shorts 2012 page in preperation of cast list lists

  • Mobile view of Shorts 2012 neatened

  • Text on Shorts 2012 Gallery renamed and centred to match other Shorts Pages

  • Shorts 2012 Gallery Images rearranged to match running order and replaced duplicates of shows with one from each

  • Typo on Animal House


6 December

  • Added both recent blogs to the Homepage by removing Psychosocial Review

  • Added the MINOTAUR OFFICIAL BLOG onto the Single Blog Post page for consistency

  • Fixed layout problems and standardised the Blog and Single Blog mobile pages

  • Added 'Back to All' button on Single Blog Post page

  • Restored the blurb for Maggie. on Shorts 2014 page

  • Removed extra buttons from the Edinburgh Sponsors page

  • Added SEO settings to some of the more important pages


5 December


4 December

  • The Search Bar now says 'Search Minotaur' again

  • All applicable Cast and Crew lists are now using the new textbox format

  • Ensured all production pages load correctly on mobiles

  • Couldn't add an insite stream, but linked directly to the Livewire1350 stream for Radio Drama

  • Fixed the Podcasts page on mobile view

  • Fixed typo on a profile page


3 December

  • Adjusted ticket prices for Garage Psychosocial revival to bring them in line with 2014's Librarian's revival

  • Renamed and ordered internal WIX gallery

  • Used transparent Meningitis Research logo

  • Added a Future Updates list to the changelog


2 December

  • Reformatted the changelog and adjusted it on mobile view

  • Standardised the "Did you see show?" buttons, inc. future shows

  • Adjusted several images on the Librarians and Psychosocial Gathering pages

  • Made the changelog link visible in mobile view

  • Added Radio Play: Fear, inc. profile links

  • Corrected member's last name on their profile page

  • Added cast list to Beauty Queen of Leenane, inc. profile links

  • Corrected use of - v. : on cast and crew lists

  • Added Radio Play: The UEA Ghostbusters, inc. profile links

  • Adjusted several pages on mobile view (esp. The Librarians with worksround header+footer)


1 December

  • Added The Conquest of the South Pole to Other Credits sections of Profile Pages

  • Added Radio Play: Andrew and Lewis Can't Spell Right, inc. profile links
  • Changed the fomatting of the dates on the Blog pages under recent posts to be black and not grey
  • Typo in Shorts 2014 Stage Manager blog
  • Added Changelog, with a link in the footer
  • Fixed an issue with the footer stretching too far
  • Restored The Home Front Line background
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