January 2015

31 January

  • Added a list as a menu bar on the Dramasoc page, to show productions from 2013-14

  • Linked in dramasoc to profiles

  • Arranged the page on Mobile View

  • All 3rd Years Year Group Buttons have been updated to the new style

  • Updated the style of the Buy Ticket buttons on the Productions page

  • Removed all Buy Tickets for The Head That Bears

  • Moved The Head That Bears into the Recent Productions Gallery

  • Updated the Upcoming Shows List

  • Resized the Gallery on The Head That Bears mobile site to make it easier to see

  • Changed 'Did you see show' on Head That Bears

  • Added Cabaret 2015 Link to Head That Bears page

  • Fixed the link to Mnemonic link in the Upcoming Shows List

  • Changed the Title to Animal House to an image to stop the page stretching


30 January

  • Changed the Year Group buttons (beneath headshots on profiles) to a seperate style on Alumni profiles

  • Added productions for Dramasoc 2013-14


29 January


28 January

  • Added a UEA Dramasoc Page
    This will contain Show title, author, dates, poster and cast and crew lists. Each item will link to its page on the Dramasoc website (or just the website in general without a dedicated page). All credits for Minotaur Members will link to an anchor on the Dramasoc page so they can see the full cast and crew list before exiting the Minotaur site.

  • Created a profile page for Robbie Lardi

  • All 2014-15 Drama Society shows have been linked in with profiles

  • Added all Spring Awakening credits and profile links


27 January

  • Corrected Charli's name in the Poetry Slam Blog

  • Added 'originally devised' to Mnemonic

  • Added quotes to the blurb in Mnemonic

  • Linked in the cast and crew for Mnemonic

  • Rearranged a couple of mobile view pages

  • Added top of page buttons to the Psycho BTS


26 January

  • Added more credits copied from LinkedIn

  • Removed Sian Duggan and Jodie Howe

  • Corrected spelling of Publicity on the Committee pages

  • Added all Cloud 9 credits to profile pages

  • Added the cast list to the Mnemonic page

  • Correcting several names in various places


25 January

  • Removed the Beauty Queen theme

  • Added Beauty Queen to the list of recent productions

  • Removed Beauty Queen ticket link 

  • Created a new Head That Bears Theme

  • Changed around the Upcoming Shows list on the homepage

  • Added a few more credits from LinkedIn

  • Added Mnemonic to the Productions Page

  • Standardised the Love and Money page with the other productions

  • Added extra credits for the Head That Bears Trailer

  • Added the Behind the Scenes blog post for Head That Bears


24 January

  • Added sound and lighting credits for Head That Bears

  • Ensured all buttons were the same colour (excl. bugged buttons) 


23 January

  • All 2011-14 Graduates profiles have been manually adjusted on mobile view

  • Added more photos for the upcoming Head That Bears blog

  • Fixed a layout issue with the blog on mobile view

  • Added dates to Mnemonic and added to the Homepage

  • Added Sound and Lighting operators to Beauty Queen


22 January

  • Added Beauty Queen Photos

  • Introduced new links to the facebook gallery to share the rest of the photos

  • Added Head That Bears Radio Preview

  • Added Head That Bears Trailer

  • Changed the contact us botton for Leenane to 'Have you seen...'


21 January

  • Added Adam Whitehead to The Head That Bears crew

  • All Third Year Profiles have been manually adjusted on mobile view

  • Added more LinkedIn Profiles

  • Changed Upcoming Productions to Upcoming Shows in an attempt to stop the homepage stretching bug 


20 January

  • All Second Year Profiles have been manually adjusted on mobile view

  • Added more Linkedin Profiles

  • Made it easier to view the Company Page on mobile view (Show More results in more revealed rows)


19 January


18 January

  • Adjusted all 2014 Alumni profile pages Graduates buttons

  • Added links to any Linkedin pages for the same year group 

  • Added links to the whole year group on all profile pages

  • Mobile view has been adjusted so all pages align inside the page layout

  • This means all profile pages are more adjusted to the top of the page on mobiles

  • All profile page headshots can now be enlarged


17 January

  • Added the two charities for Cabaret 2015 sitewide

  • Added a page for Mnemonic

  • Fixed the layout of several pages on mobile view

  • Reinstated the Love and Money review in place of the Psychosocial review

  • Reordered blog vs. reviews on homepage in chronological order


16 January

  • Removed the facebook plugin on the changelog

  • Added headings to the changelog

  • Linked together all of the Librarians Newsletters

  • Added links to the whole Edinburgh blog series on their seperate pages

  • Replaced the image of Hardbach on the Librarians blog with a more transparent one


15 January

  • Standardising excluded dates for all Edinburgh shows

  • Sound Designer added for Beauty Queen

  • Added the Trailer for Beauty Queen


14 January

  • Found amount raised for Cabaret 2012 and added it to associated pages

  • Updated all 2nd Year Headshots sent by Photographer

  • Added missing headshots to the Future Updates list (above)

  • Added Lizzie Turner's credit to Head That Bears

  • All blogs have been linked to the pages they're refering to


13 January


12 January


11 January


9 January

  • Moved the links from the BTS to the Sponsors pages to the top

  • Added a menu bar for the Psycho Behind the Scenes page

  • Added age rating for Beauty Queen

  • Added Camille as the Stage Manager of Beauty Queen

  • Updated © dates in the footer


8 January

  • Added a temp photo for Sam Rees - awaiting on an official one


7 January

  • Added Ticket Links to the Productions Page

  • Changed all instances of BUY TICKETS for Cabaret 2015 to RESERVE TICKETS

  • Added reserve ticket info for Cabaret 2015

  • Added links to the Weekly Blog to the Librarians page


6 January


5 January

  • Updated the style of the Sponsors Pages (2013 and 2014)

  • Unhid the line in the footer on mobile view

  • Added the poster for Head That Bears and an unfinished Beauty Queen poster (needs Scott's suggested edits applying)

  • Linked the upcoming productions together

  • Added the official blurb to Head that Bears

  • Corrected a typo on the Head that Bears page

  • Added Kyle Davies as ASM of Head That Bears

  • Created a menu bar for the various Psychosocial Newsletters on the Psycho page

  • Started linking all of the Psycho Newsletters together


4 January

  • Added Charlotte Orr's audience review to the Psycho page


3 January

  • Added more UEA Dramasoc credits for Sam Masters

  • Linked in New Potatoes Radio play to profiles

  • Added full cast list to The Pier radio play


2 January

  • Added a Wix logo to the changelog that links directly to the editor (when logged into wix)

  • Resized several youtube videos

  • Credited Martha for the two videos on the BTS Psycho page

  • Changed the setting of all videos to autohide the bottom bar


1 January 2015

  • Changed the visibility of the dates on the Production page to make sure they're always showing

  • Added The Psychosocial Revival to the list of upcoming productions - will be removed after the show has happened

  • Added links to Upcoming Productions to the Productions page, and Recent Minotaur News to the Blog

  • Removed a typo on the Company page, as well as expanding the text to include information on Drama Soc etc

  • Credited Josie on her profile for her upcoming role as Amy in The Psychosocial Gathering at the Garage

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