February 2015

28 February

  • Added Radio Play: Ghosts

  • Added cast links for Ghosts


27 February

  • Linked several recent facebook albums back to the website pages they show (up to Cabaret 2014 album)

  • Created a few more 301 redirects to allow facebook album linking


26 February

  • Added Concrete's Cabaret 2015 review to the homepage as its production page

  • Added the Psychosocial Revival photos and facebook link


25 February

  • Listed Animal House on the Productions page with a coming soon poster


24 February


22 February


21 February

  • Tried to fix the spacing of the blog vs review items on the homepage

  • Added Band, where appropriate, to the Cabaret pages

  • Removed Cabaret 2015 theme

  • Changed the theme to Mnemonic

  • Added page turner credit alongside Cabaret 2015

  • Removed all reserve ticket info for Cabaret 2015

  • Added Ebola Blog


20 February

  • Added Cabaret 2015 Band credits


19 February


18 February


17 February

  • Added photos to the Cabaret 2015 Gallery

  • Fixed the Soundcloud link to the Cabaret 2015 preview

  • Cabaret 2015 blog post


16 February

  • Added Spring Awakening Poster to Dramasoc page

  • Added comperes for Cabaret 2015

  • Changed the design of the Blog

  • Added the Cabaret 2015 radio preview


15 February

  • Fixed some title text

  • Corrected the layout for the Productions page for the mobile view


14 February

  • Added links to the sponsor pages from each Edinburgh show page

  • Added Mnemonic ticket link

  • Added links between Mnemonic and Cabaret 2015


13 February

  • Matched the Sponsors pages to the different Edinburgh themes

  • Sound and Lighting for Cabaret 2015


12 February

  • Added more cast and crew to The F-Project

  • Fixed the animation on the homepage (the two image elements were being resized to different ratios)

  • Added the Cabaret 2015 poster to James Thorpe's profile

  • Changed the colour of the send button on the contact form


11 February

  • Replaced the Minotaur Logo with the one in use at the time of Oedipus on it's Edinburgh page

  • Tried to fix the layout of the blog

  • Added an animation to the Cabaret title on the homepage


10 February

  • Added a few images for the Cabaret 2015 Gallery, inc. facebook link

  • Removed the Sponsors Page in favour of linking each yearly list on the Main Edinburgh Page

  • Gave Oedipus The Hour it's own page theme to match the other Edinburgh pages


9 February

  • Fixed some alt text

  • Changed some SEO settings

  • Corrected the spacing of the second menu bars on the Committee pages

  • Correctly spaced the page titles in the footer

  • Adusted the footer on the Librarian's pages


8 February

  • Restored the Favicon

  • Swapped around the Charity logos on the Cabaret 2015 and About Us page to standardise order

  • Reduced the size of the footer

  • Added several credits for Trailer sound

  • Contacted and resolved a search bar issue with the app company

  • Added radio play 'Bramley Lane', inc. profile links

  • Added some course descriptions to the radio plays page


7 February


6 February

  • Added Spotlight 2015 profile links

  • Arranged all shows in the correct chronological order of the Dramasoc page menu


5 February

  • Added a visitor counter to the footer (backdated using information from Google Analytics)

  • Removed the Head That Bears theme

  • Added a Cabaret 2015 theme

  • Changed the background to adjust better on different sized screens

  • Made the background scroll with the site

  • Replied to many messages about the bugs


4 February

  • Added Fish Flavell as a profile and on the Company Page

  • Added a couple of credits for 'Second Midnight' a Spotlight 2014 short

  • Adding Spotlight 2015 short writers


3 February

  • Added all Animal House credits and profile links

  • Changed Future Updates to Updates Needed on the changelog

  • Corrected alt text for Cabaret 2015 charity logos on two pages

  • Added The Head That Bears Concrete Review


2 February

  • All First Years have had their Year Buttons updated to the new style

  • Added two more LinkedIn profiles

  • All Second Years have had their Year Buttons updated to the new style

  • Linked profiles to the Dramasoc shows 2013-14

  • Added a Google Analytics link to the Changelog

  • Managed user settings on the Analytics page to allow access

  • Added Dramasoc Show, The F-Project, inc. profile links


1 February

  • Fixed the Upcoming Shows list

  • Sent many reports about broken elements of the site (bugs)

  • Updated the time slot of Radio Drama

  • Added the most recent radio play: One New Message, inc. profile links

  • Made Bugs a seperate header on the changelog

  • Changed the settings on the Template pages so they wouldn't show up in the site search

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