March 2015

31 March


29 March

  • Added links between the committee pages and all past productions
  • Included Minotaur Founder in 1979
  • Added Beauty Queen review
  • Finished the committee for 2011-12


28 March

  • Found and Added the committee list from 2002-03, inc. an image
  • Fixed the layout of the past committee page on mobile view
  • Sorted out all recent added images in the image gallery
  • Changed the list of blog archieve dates to a dropdown menu
  • Replaced the Doctor Faustus Dramasoc poster with an A4 sized one
  • Added an image for the committee 11-12


27 March

  • Added Radio Play, Happy Ending - inc. profile links
  • Arranged the mobile view of the Dramasoc page
  • Added a list of all Committees from 2008 onwards (exc. 11-12)
  • Added all minotaur show posters from 2009-11
  • Standardising the way dates are shown below production galleries
  • Linked to the Past Committee page from the other committees and past members page
  • Added Production Pages for all 2010-2011 shows
  • Added a series of old blog posts from 2010
  • Added authors to all recent blog posts
  • Added Production Pages for all 2009-2010 shows
  • Linked all productions up to old blog posts
  • Adjusted all pages recently added for mobile view
  • Added several videos for the Shorts 2009
  • Added a loading message for the twitter feed
  • Wrote a blog highlighting the recent changes to the site


26 March

  • Added a handfull of Dramasoc shows from 2009 onwards
  • Ordered the Dramasoc Shows according to date
  • Added some past Minotaur Shows


25 March

  • Fixed the date of Cabaret 2014
  • Adjusted how the 2013 Graduates are listed on the past members page
  • Fixed the layout of the past members page on mobile view
  • Removed several redundant mobile view elements (top of page links)
  • Changed the colour of some font to white to make it visible on the Oedipus page


24 March

  • Added the Garage Logo to Sket


22 March

  • Linked profiles for Sket
  • Added Sket to productions page and home page list


21 March

  • Added some information for Sket


20 March


18 March

  • Added profile links for Arc
  • More LinkedIn profiles
  • Added a few credits for Ciara Morris from her LinkedIn
  • Added the list of sponsors for the 2012 Edinburgh show


17 March

  • Added latest radio play: Arc


16 March

  • Added 2012 to production page cabaret of the same year
  • Adjusted the home page on mobile view
  • Fixed the height of the twitter feed
  • Fixed a typo on the home page
  • Tried adding a calendar to the productions page to show all shows past and future on a chart but the app cost to use to that extent


15 March

  • Removed Mnemonic theme
  • Removed all Buy Tickets links to Mnemonic
  • Added a plain style


13 March

  • Mnemonic, planning to see to have you seen?
  • Final Mnemonic credits for sound


11 March

  • Added a temp Vagaina Monologues 2015 poster until an official one is produced
  • Spotlight 2015 date
  • Official Spotlight 2015 Poster
  • Added a second Vagina Monologues 2015 image to the gallery


10 March


9 March

  • Added Radio Play: Hayley
  • Added all profile links for Vagina Monologues 2015
  • Changed Jules' page title to Juliet to match name heading
  • Fixed Alt title on Leeway Logo on the Charity Page
  • Removed the alt text on the header logo
  • Fixed the position of the Vagina 2014 radio play
  • Added profile links to Hayley
  • Adjusted the mobile view of Vagina Monologues 2015
  • Mnemonic Gallery started
  • Removed Vagina Monologues 2015 from upcoming shows list
  • Are you planning to changed to Did you see... on Vagina Monologues page


8 March

  • Added a Coming Soon holder for the Vagina Monologues 2015 to the Production Page
  • 301 links for all 2012-13 shows: shown on the Direct Links page (in the footer)
  • Linked 2012-13 shows in with their Facebook albums
  • Added year links between the Vagina Monologues 2015
  • Added cast and crew list to Vagina Monologues 2015
  • Added Vagina Monologues 2015 trailer


6 March


5 March

  • Fixed a Mnemonic profile link
  • Fixed the layout of the single blog page on mobile view
  • Added a page for The Vagina Monologues 2015


4 March


3 March

  • Added information from the Mnemonic Facebook event to its production page
  • Added direct links for all 2013-14 shows
  • Added the direct links to facebook albums (up to Cabaret 2013 album)


2 March

  • Added Radio Play: Choice Mountain
  • More LinkedIn profiles
  • Cast list links for Choice Mountain
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