April 2015

25 April

  • Removed Swarm ticket info
  • Changed the theme to something more neutral
  • Added Swarm gallery
  • Added a direct 301 redirect link to Swarm


23 April

  • Added Swarm radio preview


20 April

  • Added all info for the facebook comment box to the History page


19 April

  • Added more info to the History page
  • Added a list of all the academic years to the History page, for eventual easy access
  • Replaced the teaser for the Swarm Trailer


17 April

  • Added the Teaser for Swarm
  • Profile links for Little Venice and She Made Me
  • Created a new list built menu and list pages for the changelog archive
  • Ticket Link for Swarm


16 April

  • Started adding Unknown Posters to the History page
  • Added the cast lists for Little Venice/She Made Me Dramasoc shows
  • Added a back to top button to all pages and removed any single ones


15 April

  • Swarm poster added
  • Vagina Monologues 2015 money raised added
  • Updated the theme to Swarm
  • Sorted out the internal Gallery
  • Added a slight grey background behind the area where text can appear
  • Changed the page styles on the Edinburgh Pages so the above change is limited to show pages


14 April


13 April

  • Added many more shows to the History page
  • Reformatted the History mobile view page so that not all shows are seen to save loading times


12 April

  • Corrected the shows for Spotlight 2015
  • Added a blurb for Swarm
  • Added time and cost of tickets for Swarm


11 April

  • Added a partial list of the Graduates of the first drama course at UEA - 1982
  • Uploaded a draft of the first Animal House blog, Fundraising (waiting on images to publish)
  • Published Fundraiser Animal House Blog
  • Added Blog list to Animal House
  • Changed the alt text on the blog and on the current committee page


10 April


9 April

  • More information added to the History page
  • Added a proper menu bar onto the History page for easier navigation
  • Added menu links to the Past Committees back to 2004
  • Created The Archive Project brand in anticipation of collecting information
  • Header Archive Project added
  • Top of Page links added to the History page


7 April

  • Added lots of information to the History page (mostly given by Jon Brittain)


6 April

  • Added charities donated to from Cabaret 2010/11 to the About Us page
  • Added the photos from Mnemonic to the Minotaur Theatre Facebook page and linked to the production page
  • Removed Bugs section
  • Added Swarm date to homepage
  • Added Swarm and Animal House dates to production page
  • Fixed a link of the Dramasoc page
  • Removed links to the dramasoc website when linking to a production page


3 April

  • Renamed Sket to Swarm
  • Date of Swarm


2 April

  • Fixed the location of a title on the radio plays page
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