May 2015

30 May

  • Mobile version of company page fixed


29 May

  • Replaced titles on Animal House show page and sponsor page with new contrasted versions


28 May


27 May


18 May


17 May

  • Added Julians 2014 poster to About Us page and James Thorpes profile

  • Added Animal House title logo to show page and sponsor page

  • Added Wefund link to home page and Animal House show page

  • Added Spotlight credits to individuals profiles

  • Added Radio Drama play, 'Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring'

  • Updated Cast list on 'Secret Love for the Peach Blossom Spring'


16 May


15 May


14 May


12 May

  • Fixed the layout of the About Us page on mobile view

  • Removed extra remaining top of page buttons

  • Updated Animal House crew and Camilles profile

  • Added Animal House ticket link onto show page, home page, production page

  • Removed links to profiles of people who dropped out of first year

  • The Archive Project has been moved


6 May

  • Added the Wefund video to Animal House

  • Added backlinks from the Committee 2012-13 profiles to the past committee page

  • Corrected the format of all committee profile links to be even

  • Added profile links to The Creature

  • Added Swarm to the list of recent productions on the homepage


4 May


3 May

  • Added Radio Drama play, 'The Creature'

  • Updated Cast list on The Creature

  • Another Linkedin Profile Link


2 May

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