September 2015

23 September

  • Fixed Home page, DramaSoc page and James Thorpes profile on mobile

  • Added Animal House to Recent Productions list, removed Shorts 2014

  • Changed boxes and buttons on Breathing Corpses theme (from grey to red and green, respectively)

  • Corrected spelling mistake on 'Edinburgh' page

  • Personalised boxes on Animal House and Sponsors 2015 pages (so they aren't red)


22 September

  • Corrected credit to 'Stage Manager' on Kate Kennedy's profile

  • Changed UEA logo in Header to new branding

  • Added ticket link to Breathing Corpses

  • Added Gallery and photos to Breathing Corpses

  • Linked Gallery to Minotaur photos (general)

  • Added Breathing Corpses poster to ProductionsHomeAnimal House, Shorts 2015 and Show page 

  • Added Breathing Corpses poster to James Thorpe's profile

  • Added ticket link to Shorts 2015 page

  • Linked Shorts 2015 back to Breathing Corpses

  • Added Breathing Corpses header on home page and linked to show

  • Published Zoes Breathing Corpses blog

  • Changed theme to Breathing Corpses


21 September

  • Embeded Google Calendar onto Home page

  • Added The Government Inspector to Drama Soc page

  • Added links and anchors to Drama Soc page for years 2013, 2014, 2015 etc.

  • Added credits to profiles for The Government Inspector

  • Worked on Breathing Corpses theme


20 September

  • Added dates to Breathing Corpses on Productions page


17 September


7 September

  • Added dates to Breathing Corpses page

  • Moved July to Archive

  • Fixed June in Archive

  • Removed Chloe from Second Years

  • Added David as First Year

  • Added Sian as Second Year

  • Added Production Photos and Reviews to Animal House, removed buy ticket link

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