October 2015

29 October

  • Added Shorts pictures for Saturday


28 October

  • Changed Kate's credit on Shorts page from 'Production' to 'Stage Manager'

  • Corrected mistake in To New Neighbours blurb

  • Added 'Angie' credit on Shorts page and Kate's profile

  • Added Shorts pictures for Friday


27 October

  • Added Shorts trailer to Shorts 2015 page

  • Added Stage Assistant credits on shorts page and profiles

  • Linked Shorts page to facebook gallery

  • Added Shorts pictures for Thursday

  • Removed credit from Vanessas profile

  • Added Antigone poster to DramaSoc page


25 October

  • Added Sara to Shorts 2015 page and added Stage Manager credit to her profile

  • Added Antigone and credits to DramaSoc page


24 October

  • Changed Jim's character name on Shorts page and profile


23 October


22 October

  • Added Camilles headshot to profile, company and committee pages

  • Added Shorts 2015 posters

  • Added posters to Jenny's profile

  • Added Radio Drama Soundcloud Previews to Shorts 2015 page


21 October

  • Finished adding blurbs to Shorts 2015 page

  • Linked credits through to Shorts page

  • Published Shorts 2015 background

  • Added Breathing Corpses to 'Recent Productions' list on Home Page

  • Removed ticket link from Breathing Corpses

  • Changed the contact link on Breathing Corpses

  • Linked Shorts 2015 from Breathing Corpses

  • Fixed Anchors on Shorts 2015 page

  • Fixed Shorts 2015 mobile page

  • Fixed Radio play HTML code on Radio Plays page


20 October

  • Created Shorts 2015 header and background


19 October


18 October

  • Added Asst.Director and Production Manager credits for Fastest Clock on show page and profiles

  • Worked on adding credits/blurbs to Shorts 2015 page


17 October

  • Added Shorts 2015 poster to home page, show page, BC page (link removed due to it not being finished)


15 October

  • Added and changed various credits on individual profiles

  • Changed headshots on Committee 2015 page

  • Fixed Matt Preeces headshot on his profile

  • Changed names on Third Year picture settings

  • Changed Hannah John and Winships headshots on profiles and Company gallery


14 October

  • Added Second and Third Year Headshots to individual profiles

  • Changed Second and Third Year galleries on Company page


13 October

  • Changed DramaSoc credits from 'The Government Inspector' to 'A Government Inspector'

  • Added Antigone directing credits to Sam and Hannahs profiles

  • Added Angie's stage management credit for Government Inspector

  • Changed Cor Blimey credits from one r to two


12 October

  • Added Ink credits to Izzy and Aimees profiles

  • Changed 'Upcoming Shows' section on Home Page to Shorts 2015

  • Added ticket link for Shorts 2015 to Home Page


11 October

  • Added Production credits for Shorts 2015 to profiles

  • Created Fastest Clock page

  • Added directing credit to Pip's profile


9 October

  • Added Gov Credits to profiles

  • Added Breathing Corpses credits to Crew (Sam, Jenni, Katie)

  • Added Crew to Breathing Corpses page

  • Linked Breathing Corpses to facebook photo album

  • Added Shorts 2015 credits to profiles

  • Added trailer to Breathing Corpses page


7 October

  • Fixed photo and link spacing on Freshers profiles

  • Added Freshers to Company page

  • Linked Company to seperate profiles

  • Linked profiles to Company page (First Years)

  • Added Government Inspector Cast to DramaSoc page

  • Fixed item list on DramaSoc page and linked 2015-16 anchor


5 October

  • Archived September changelog

  • Added new DramaSoc logo and linked to new website

  • Added all of the rest of the Freshers profiles


1 October

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