January 2016

31 January

  • Removed Half a Person from Upcoming Shows

  • Removed ticket link from Half A Person

  • Published Teresa's review of Fastest Clock on the blog


29 January


28 January


25 January

  • Added Half a Person and Cabaret 2016 ticket links to Upcoming Productions, Productions and individual show pages


24 January


23 January


22 January

  • Added trailer to Half a Person

  • Added Sound and Lighting credits to Half a Person, Fastest Clock and various profiles

  • Added Carys to Crew section of Cabaret and updated her profile

  • Published blog for Fastest Clock

  • Added Charity logos and descriptions to Cabaret

  • Added Charities to Charity page

  • Linked charities to own websites

  • Linked Half a Person to Cabaret 2016

  • Added Cabaret 2016 to Charity page

  • Fixed link back to Half a Person from Cabaret 2016 page


20 January


19 January

  • Added Half a Person poster to home page, show page, productions, Jenny F's profile, Fastest Clock

  • Fixed 'edited by' on Fastest Clock trailer


15 January


12 January


9 January

  • Changed mobile background to purple and fixed Home page header

  • Fixed Antigone Crew list on DramaSoc page

  • Added Half a Person to Upcoming Show list on Home page

  • Created Cabaret 2016 page

  • Added Cabaret cast and crew credits to various profiles

  • Added Cabaret to Productions page

  • Added HAP and Cabaret dates


7 January

  • Updated Fastest Clock poster with new rights etc.

  • Changed Kyle's name to Flynn-Davies on various pages


3 January

  • Updated Fastest Clock poster with new age rating

  • Added age rating to show page

  • Added poster to Productions page

  • Added production credits for Fastest Clock to various profiles

  • Added Fastest Clock poster to Jenny's profile

  • Added Fastest Clock header to homepage

  • Removed Head that Bears from Recent Productions; added Shorts 2015

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