March 2016

31 March

  • Changed theme for Gabriel

  • Added poster in PNG format

  • Changed header for Gabriel

  • Added FemFest blog


23 March

  • Added blurb for Gabriel

  • Linked Gabriel credits to profiles

  • Linked Gabriel from Upcoming Productions

  • Added Gabriel to Productions page

  • Added Gabriel poster to Upcoming Productions, Productions, James Thorpe's profile, the show page and linked from FemFest


22 March

  • Added FemFest photos and linked to Facebook

  • Added Spotlight to DramaSoc page

  • Added Spotlight credits to individual profiles

  • Added teaser trailer to Gabriel

  • Added rehearsal photos to Gabriel

  • Added poster for FemFest to Gabriel and linked


8 March

  • Added Sam to FemFest credits and credited his profile

  • Added Gabriel to Upcoming Productions

  • Added 'thank you to committee' on FemFest page

  • Added Dancers to FemFest and profiles


6 March

  • Added Rent Credits to DramaSoc page and profiles

  • Added Crew, Performers and Trailer for FemFest


2 March

  • Added FemFest header

  • Added The Hours Before Epsom poster beside credits on FemFest page


1 March

  • Created FemFest 2016 theme

  • Added Concrete Review to Half A Person

  • Changed contact form link on Half A Person to 'Did you see / let us know what you thought'

  • Added Livewire review to Cabaret 2016

  • Added Image Button to FemFest page so posters will swap

  • Uploaded FemFest Poster to show page, Productions, Upcoming Productions, James Thorpe's profile

  • Added The Hours Before Epsom poster to Jenny Fennell's profile

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