an adaptation of Wilfred Owen's poem 'Disabled'

6th June, 2018.

7.30pm, The Garage, £7/£5 (conc.)

Directed by Ben Purkiss and Amy Cresswell, this theatrical adaptation of Wilfred Owen's poem 'Disabled' follows the journey of a soldier returning from the war having lost his legs. The play captures the truth of Owen's depiction of the mental and physical toll war takes on a man, and shows this grim reality in truthful, unflinching style.


The Man: Seb Fear

Harry: Bryan Tshiobi 

Dorothy: Rosie Anne Peat 
Joan - Amy Bonar

Paddy - Alasdair Lindsay  
Lieutenant Davis / Ref: Bobbi Sleafer-Nunes 
Meg: Jennifer Collard 

Old Woman: Millie Amies 

Mother: Anna Hodgson  





Director - Ben Purkiss
Assistant Director and Movement Director - Amy Cresswell 
Assistant Movement Director - Holly Richards 
Production Manager - Bobbi Sleafer-Nunes 

Stage Manager - Shem Jacobs