by Jez Butterwoth
OCTOBER 17 - 19, 2013

"Jerusalem is an ambitious, accomplished, satisfying performance and truly deserves to be seen by a full house."

- Jo Thompson, The Tab



Jerusalem follows Jonny ‘Rooster’ Byron, drug dealer to minors and wondrous story-teller, and the rowdy townsfolk who visit his caravan in the Wiltshire Woodland. The council wants to evict him and the modern world is snapping at his ankles. It’s a dark but funny play which explores the conflicts of the countryside as it is encroached on.


Minotaur took on Jez Butterworth's modern classic, and then took it to 2014 National Student Drama Festival.

Trailer Filmed by Autonomous


Dawn - Gemma Barnett

Parsons - Sarah Tattersall

Fawcett - Jerusha Green

Professor - George Ronayne

Troy - Jake Drake

Pea - Josie Dale-Jones

Tanya - Susannah Martin

Phaedra - Lucy Mangan

Ginger - Michael Clarke

Jonny Byron - Jonathan Moss

Davey - Sam Masters

Lee - Ali Dunk

Wesley - Ollie Partington


Production Manager: Edward Dyer

Director: Benjamin Rogers

Assistant Director: Milli Bhatia

Stage Manager: Helena Nattrass

ASM: Lucas Burt

Set Designer: Zoë Seiffert


Amber Muldoon

Ciara Morris

Make-up: Greta Mitchel

Lighting: Holly White

Sound: Adam Whitehead

Assistant Stage Manager: Holly White

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