by Dennis Kelly
OCTOBER 16 - 18, 2014

Minotaur Theatre Company invites you to immerse yourselves in a toxic and turbulent world of greed and desperation.


Written by Dennis Kelly, (Utopia, Channel 4; Matilda the Musical, RSC; DNA, National Theatre),

 Love and Money is a deeply moving and electrically funny exploration of the power of the human heart and the danger of it wanting the wrong things.


David conducts an office romance by email. He has love at his fingertips. But a shocking admission unravels his relationship piece by piece. Jess loves David. She believes happiness can be bought - but it doesn't come cheap in a world of easy credit. Jess and David's ideal blend of love and money is killing them.

Love and Money


Jess - Gemma Barnett

Paul/1/Doctor - James Thorpe

Mother/2 - Susannah Martin

Father/3/Duncan - Josh Husselbee

Debbie/4/Val - Lucy Atwell

David/5 - Charlie Field


Director: Martha Geelan

Production Manager: Holly White

Stage Managers

Hannah Winship

Charlotte Rhodes

Lighting: Hannah Walmsley-Browne

Sound: Charlotte Robinson

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