Written by Simon McBurny, originally devised by Complicite
MARCH 12 - 14, 2015

“Where are you going? What are you running from?”


Minotaur Theatre Company’s Mnemonic, explores memories, connections and origins, how memories connect us, and how they can put the past in the present. Join us this March as we put the Minotaur stamp on a play originally devised by the award-winning theatre company, Complicite.


"Crossing continents and centuries, Mnemonic’s fragmented narrative takes in the discovery of otzi the iceman, a search for an absent father and the longing for a lost love in an exploration of memory that questions our reliance on this most subjective of storytellers."



Director: Josie Dale-Jones

Assistant Director: Ciara Morris

Production Manager: Ruth Phillips

Stage Manager: Angie Peña Arenas

Assistant Stage Managers

Kyle Flynn-Davies

Ella Daymond

Set Design: Susannah Martin

Fundraising/Publicity: Emily Dyer

Sound Design: Tom Mills

Sound Operators

Tom Mills

Jenni Pettican

Lighting: Lucy Adams

Film Maker: Al Simmons

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