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adapted by Mark Dominy
AUGUST 6 - 19, (excl. 13) , 2012
3.00PM (1 hr), Paradise in Augustine's (V152), £7.50/£5.50 (CONC.)

Thebes is cursed. A great plague has swept across this ancient city and now they look to one man to save them - Odeipus the King. However, when he begind to delve into the past to discover the cause of this disaster he unearths a hideous truth that a prophet had once foretold: that he would marry his mother and slaughter his father.



Oedipus George Ronayne

Jocasta - Anna Braybrooke

Creon - Josh Allan

Tiresias - Michael Dolan

Priest - Lewis Garvey

Old Man - James Ferguson

Messenger - Laura Mae Brown

Messenger 2 - Imogen Taylor

Antigone - Alice Spalding

Isme - Isobel Daws

Multi-role - Natalia Massucco

Multi-role - Milli Bhatia


Director: Mark Dominy

Producer: Francesca Roberts

Stage Manager: Lorna Heap




“Oedipus was genuinely heroic, making the character sympathetic without losing any of his strength.”

Katie Cunningham, ThreeWeeks



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