Every year, Minotaur hosts a variety of different shows and projects, as well as supporting affiliate productions. These shows provide not only exciting opportunities to actors and directors alike but an invaluable experience for those studying for their degree.


Alongside Minotaur, the UEA Drama Society also produces a whole range of productions. Many of our members showcase their skills in both companies to make the most of their time at university. Click on the button at the top of the page to find full cast lists for Dramasoc shows, listing which of our members have taken part. 


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Minotaur and its productions pre-2009

If recent years have told us anything, Minotaur has a great ambition to produce a high number of shows every year. Over thirty-five years have passed since David Bevan and his colleagues Oscar Lumley and Michael Reece (back in the now demolished Waveney Terrace) put £10 in a pot and started the company. This website is meant to be an archive of everything Minotaur has done, spanning those 35 years. If you have any information about Minotaur pre-2009, please get in contact with us. Otherwise, take a journey through Minotaur's History.

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