by Martin McDonagh
JANUARY 22 - 24, 2015

Middle-aged, unmarried and embittered, Maureen is locked in a stalemate with her elderly mother Mag, who is as selfish as she is manipulative. Their simmering relationship boils over when Maureen takes a lover and finds hope for escape.


Minotaur Theatre Company presents Martin McDonagh's darkly comic masterpiece. We invite you to the dark hilarity and brutality of Leenane. Written by Martin Mcdonagh (In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths) this exploration of real characters gives a dark insight into the trapped and desperate. Shocking, hilarious and moving.


Maureen Folan - Ciara Morris

Mag Folan - Ellie Woodruff-Bryant

Pato Dooley - James Thorpe

Ray Dooley - Dom Luck



Abigail Stewart

Edel McCormick

Prod. Manager: Charlotte Rhodes

Stage Manager: Camille Koosyial

Set Designer: Zoë Seiffert

Vocal Coach: Catherine McFall

Lighting Operator: Sam Webber

Sound Design: Tom Mills

Sound Operator: Jenni Pettican

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