by Tom Stoppard
JANUARY 23 - 25, 2014

Moon and Birdboot are theatre critics watching a murdery mystery. They are presented with an English Country Mansion, ominous Radio reports, mysterious visitors and an unidentified corpse. Both are sure they have guessed the ending correctly. However, as the plot unfolds, the line between actor and audience disappears as Moon and Birdboot find themsevles more involved in the action than they had originally intended...





Moon - Molly McGeachin

Birdboot - Josh Husselbee

Simon - Sam Day

Cynthia - Gemma Barnett

Magnus - George Ronayne

Felicity - Abigail Stewart

Hound - Freddie Van-der-Velde

Mrs. Drudge - Amber Muldoon


Alec Mann

Michael Clarke


Director: Lewis Garvey

Assistant Director: Joe Caplin

Producer: Stephanie Pennells

Stage Manager: Helena Natress

Assistant Stage Managers

Myah Morris-Drake

Laura Nucinkis

Costume: Emily Holt

Lighting: Holly White

Sound: Adam Whitehead

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