by Steven Berkoff
OCTOBER 19 - 21, 2011

Joseph K wakes up one morning to find that without having done anything wrong, he has been arrested. To prove his innocence, he must first find out what he has been accused. As K's search intensifies, he comes across many other characters who are in a similar situation to him... all accused, all waiting. But, with his trial looking, his time is running out.

Shorts 2011


Joseph K - Josh Allan

Guard 1/Student/K's Father - Tom Wingfield

Huld - James Ferguson

Inspector/Priest - Mike Dolan

Tittorelli - Elliot Hughes

Miss Burstner - Anna Braybrooke

Mrs Grubach - Anna Chessher

Laudress/Block - Alice Spalding

Guard 2/Bailiff - Natalia Massucco

Leni - Amy Cornwell


Director: Mark Dominy

Assistant Directors

Anoushka Bonwick

Jess Scotton

Producer/Stage Manager: Chess Roberts

Make-up: Sophie Wright

Lights: Jack Carmichael

Sound: Nick Aldrich

Drums: George Ronayne

Xylophone: Sarah Tattersall


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